How Can I Repurpose?

Ideas on how to reuse our Anti-Mozzie Spray Bottles:

By refilling our Anti-Mozzie spray bottles with natural or home-prepared formulas, you can save money that would otherwise be spent on new containers. Keeping, washing, and reusing your old Anti-Mozzie spray bottles as it is a simple but effective way of conserving energy and practicing green living.

Outdoor Use:
1. Watering plants – in hanging baskets and/or potted plants. Spray bottles filled with water are great for keeping outdoor plants healthy.
2. Cleaning solutions for furniture or cars. Make cleaning easy by filling the spray bottles with cleansing agents on dusty outside furniture or the interior/exterior of a dirty car.

Indoor Use:
1. Eliminating odors caused by pets. Simply spray an organic cleaner on areas that cats, dogs, or other pets routinely occupy.
2. Cleaning furniture surfaces, counter tops, and appliances. Spray bottles filled with natural cleaning ingredients are useful tools for keeping your house free of dust and dirt.
3. Coat your cookie sheets and pans. Fill the bottle with oil to grease your pans and cookie sheets.

Ideas on how to reuse our Anti-Mozzie Cream Tube:

1. Create recycled plastic bottle supply cups to hold pens and supplies at the office, or craft supplies at home.
2. After you are done painting use your Anti-Mozzie Cream tube to soak your paint brushes in.